Dan Purdy

Senior Fullstack Engineer

Dan Purdy

I’m Dan, a Senior Fullstack Engineer from London, UK. I work with teams to architect, plan and build responsive, accessible, user-focused web applications while mentoring and guiding other developers and stakeholders.

I specialise in JavaScript, more specifically Node and React. You can currently find me working as a Senior Engineering Manager at PrimaryBid


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Nov 2021 - Now


  • Senior Engineering Manager

Previous Positions

  • Engineering Manager
  • Senior Software Engineer

PrimaryBid aims to give everyone fair access to IPOs and public company fundraises, at the same time and price as institutional investors.

My current role is a Senior Engineering Manager, I lead two of our platform teams while also supporting the wider engineering team. I focus on making sure our teams are working effectively together while also working closely with our product team to ensure that the right work is being delivered. I contribute to the overall design of our system and still manage to commit the odd bit of code too.

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Nov 2016 - Oct 2021


  • Lead Frontend Engineer
  • Stream Technical Lead

Previous Positions

  • Fullstack Engineer

Urban is the UK’s leading at home wellness platform, connecting wellness professionals and their customers via a bespoke web platform and apps.

As the Lead Frontend Engineer at Urban I was responsible for developing, overseeing and guiding the team on the development of Urban’s 5 web-based platforms, which included everything from e-commerce to live streaming video platforms. The main frontend stack consisted of Node Express, React, NextJs, Typescript and MobX.

Alongside my role as Lead Frontend, I also acted as a team lead and technical lead for the B2B platform which enables companies to book, enrol and manage their employees access to bespoke in-office wellness treatments from their browser.

As B2B team lead, I worked across the Javascript based stack including their Node microservice backend while also officiating the usual Agile ceremonies, working closely with other stakeholders in the business to plan and architect solutions and features.

The team lead position involves working closely alongside our CTO and other senior team members helping to ensure that the whole product team is working towards a similar goal while directing and advising on how features should be implemented and how as a team we could improve efficiently and scalably.

Project list coming soon…